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Lance Winslow is President and CEO of WashGuys

The idea and concept behind the Window Wash Guys is an interesting case study as far as business goes. It all started one day when Lance Winslow, who started the WashGuys Family of Franchises was sitting at a local Starbucks in Palm Desert California, finishing up a manual for one of the other WashGuy companies.

Lance looked out the window and saw a gentleman dressed in a uniform meticulously cleaning the window, with ease and grace. As he moved the squeegee back and forth in a flowing motion, the window became bright and clean before his eyes. Mr. Winslow noted that the worker had cleaned nearly all the businesses in the center and thought, what a great little business this guy had. So, he stopped and walked outside to have a chat with him.

Mr. Winslow quickly learned that the window washer was not the owner of the company, but a well-paid successful independent contractor, and had been trained by none other than Tim Bloom. Tim has a history of window washing that goes way back in his family. It became very obvious to Lance, that Tim was running his business in the way that WashGuys ran it's business. Tim only picked the best workers to become independent contractors, then trained them and insisted that they look professional at all times. Sound like a perfect fit? Well, that's exactly what Lance Winslow was thinking.

So, why not take Tim's business nationwide? After all, everyone needs bright and clean windows and many folks are looking for a low-cost franchise to get into, so they can share in the American Dream of becoming their own boss, Lance thought. Lance and Tim, agreed to work together to make this happen. Just because Palm Desert is a resort city and gets the best of everything with services rivaling the five-star resorts nearby, does not mean we cannot take this business model and offer it to the World.

Thus, you have a little insight into how Lance Winslow and Tim Bloom met and decided to work together and create the Window Wash Guys. "Life is short and you do not meet enough superstars of humanity with impeccable integrity like Tim, but when you do you have to act," says Lance. Moral of the story is do not ever let opportunity pass you by. Look out the window and think about it.

You can reach Lance Winslow by email if you have any small business questions;

Lance (at) carwashguys [dot]. com

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