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The first Window Wash Guy, John Bloom, began washing windows in 1969 to pay his tuition through chiropractic college. Working day and night, literally, he built a window washing company that employed 6 of his chiropractic college friends. Some of his accounts included all of the Jack-in-the-Box restaurants (there were only 50 at that time) as well as all the Sambo/Denny's restaurants in the St. Louis area. After graduating and receiving his doctorate degree, John sold his window washing company to one of his college friends, and moved to a town in Southwest Missouri to open his chiropractic clinic.

John taught his oldest son, Steve, how to wash windows when he was 14 years old. Steve rode his bicycle around town soliciting and then servicing window washing customers. At age 16 Steve got his drivers license and continued building his window washing business, helping him to earn five times more money than his friends were making flipping burgers. As Steve's business grew, he trained friends and his younger brother Tim, how to wash windows in order to help get all of the work done.

In 1988 John, Steve and Tim discovered that there was a relatively untapped window washing market in Palm Springs, California. Dr. John sold his chiropractic practice in Missouri thereafter, and the three men established a successful startup window washing company through a concerted effort. To better manage growth and develop in more diverse knowledge of successful marketing techniques and operating procedures, a sister window washing company was formed in 1993.

Headed by Tim, the spin-off company experienced robust growth while experimenting with many different marketing campaigns, managing styles, operating procedures, and new high-tech equipment. The result was an expanded knowledge of extremely effective in profitable window washing procedures and ideas that will propel The Window Wash Guys franchisees on the road to success.


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