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The founder of The Window Wash Guys, Tim Bloom, got his first taste of real competition at the young age of 11 years old. After having his broken arm cast autographed by Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, Tim joined the Rebublican Presidential Task Force to help campaign for the election of Ronald Reagan. Recording TV and radio commercials as well as election-day campaigning at the polls probably gave young Tim more experience in marketing, politics, and the media they and the typical voting-age citizen. Following his election, President Reagan awarded Tim with a Medal of Merit and sent him a personal letter thanking Tim for his friendship and support in the election.


By age 12 Tim was helping with his older brother's window washing company and working part-time at his fathers chiropractic office developing x-rays, assisting in physical therapy for patients, and clerical help filing patient records.

At age 17 Tim's creative drawing talent was discovered by his high school art teacher who arranged to have one of his drawings displayed at the local art museum. Recommended by his high school counselor, Tim was accepted in a "mentor" program at the cities largest and the most respected advertising and public relations firm where he learned firsthand how the "big boys" do it.

Following high school graduation, Tim moved to Palm Springs, California with his brother and father to establish a company that would come to be known as The Window Wash Guys.


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